wdeSynchronization with VNA and Antenna Positioning system for

  • Automatic Measurements.
  • 5 Axis / 2 Axis positioning system Control with PC.
  • Controlling the VNA with PC.
  • Synchronization of Positioner and VNA with PC.
  • Measuring the S-Parameters(S11,S12,S21 and S22)
  • Draw E/H Plots using S- Parameter Value  for different angles.
  • Draw 3D Pattern.
  • Calculation of Gain.


VNA Interfacing


Connectivity of the VNA by USB/GPIB/Ethernet

  • The VNA can be controlled by the PC
  • Automatic Measurement of S- Parameters
  • Generate E/H plot and 3D pattern.


Report & Data Analysis

  • The data will be saved in excel format in the PC.
  • The Plots can also be saved in Desired format.
  • User can retrieved the past data on the software for analysis.