Anechoic chamber 1


  • An Anechoic Chamber generally consists of an RF shielded room which is either partially or fully lined with RF absorber material. It is used to perform several types of testing and measurements.
  • Absorbs reflected signals generated inside the chamber.
  • Fully lined with RF absorber material.
  • Metallic gasket sandwiched between the two panels.
  • Modular self supported structure.
  • Manual Access Door of size – 7 ft X 3 ft with triple latch mechanism.
  • An RF anechoic chamber is usually built into a screened room, designed using the Faraday cage principle.
  • Power line filter for power provision, Honey comb air vents for air ventilation & Access panel for Signal access inside the chamber.



  • 5 Watt/in2 or 775 Watt/m2 Power Handling.
  • Tested as per IEEE Standards.
  • Fire Retardant as per NRL 8093.
  • Temperature resistant.
  • Long performance warranty.
  • ROHS Compliance for safety.




  • Antenna Parameters Testing like Radiation pattern, Gain etc.
  • Remote Sensing .
  • Radar Signature Measurement.