(Indoor / Outdoor Applications)

Shielded Curtains


  • Shielding effectiveness of-100 dB.
  • EMI /RFI Shield modular tents / canopies used for Site testing.
  • One shielded entry door of 3 X 7 ft size provided in the Tent / room.
  • EMI Filter, Waveguide pipe penetration, Honeycomb Air vents will be provided for Provision of air, electric & Cables / Pipes.
  • Modular Self Supporting Structure & easy to relocate.
  • Have necessary ventilation.



  • Easily shifted by dismantling the same. Polyester with nickel plating.
  • Shields a test setup from RF noise from external environment.
  • High attenuation & Protection from EM radiations from mobile towers.
  • Long performance warranty.


  • Equipment testing at remote areas.
  • Quick access to sensitive communications.
  • Act as enclosure for device generating / radiating signals.
  • Suitable for any customized testing.